Life with Harry, Lola and me

The children are with their daddy this weekend so I got to indulge in my love of royal weddings, spending several hours glued to the TV screen today. Royal weddings are brilliant…you don’t have to buy an outfit nor a gift and you get the best view of the happy couple whilst ogling beautiful people (David Beckham) in beautiful clothes (Amal Clooney) in a beautiful setting. Just beautiful.

Megan looked regally radiant. A natural beauty so in love with her Prince. He was equally besotted. Like most people of a certain age, I couldn’t help but compare this happy scene to that awful day when he had to walk through the crowds behind his mother’s coffin. She may have only been a present influence for a short number of years but I would imagine that everything about today would have been given the Diana seal of approval. Megan was also missing a parent and it makes me so grateful that both of mine were around on my wedding day. I may be getting divorced but I still look back on that day with fondness. All of the planning with mum and that moment where my dad saw me in my dress for the first time…it still makes me well up thinking about it. 

I watched the wedding today sat with the person in my life who champions me the most….my best friend. She also happens to be my mum.  We have such a special bond which I long to have with my children and I’m sure I will. We sat with our glasses of prosecco whilst watching the celebrities arrive, commenting on all of the happy people (and Victoria Beckham) and wishing we could have bagged an invite. 

Maybe it’s because of my current circumstances or maybe everybody felt it but there was someone who really stole the show for me today. For Will and Kate’s wedding, other than the couple themselves of course, the main focus of most people’s attention was Pippa! However today it was a certain Doria not a derriere that I was infatuated with. Megan’s mum, Doria Ragland, the only member of Megan’s family to be there. A world away from her “normal” life, this lady brought up her daughter on her own. Megan has described her as her rock and her best friend. Sounds familiar with both my mum and my daughter! I can relate to that…however imaging sitting directly opposite the Queen with no friends nor family around to give me a gentle squeeze of encouragement whilst bursting with maternal love and emotion….it’s overwhelming to say the least.

Before today I would have walked past Harry’s now mother-in-law in the street and not known how special she was. Not special as in a social status, but special in terms of how calm, gentle and composed she was under extraordinary circumstances. “Real” overshadowed “royal” for me today. As Charles, Camilla, Kate and the rest of Team Windsor looked at their orders of service (there are none on eBay yet by the way) during the nuptials, Doria was transfixed on her beautiful daughter. Her eyes were filled with love and pride and she couldn’t stop smiling. I can’t help but think that had Diana been there, she would have been doing exactly the same with Harry. 

When the newly married couple left St George’s Chapel, the gospel choir belted out “This little light of mine.” I’m not religious but I love this song. Strangely enough it was on the radio the other day and Lola and Harry joined in singing to the music. Although the lyrics aren’t extensive, they sum up what we do for our children…we want the world to see how amazing they are. The song couldn’t have been more apt for Doria and her daughter today. She has brought her daughter up on her own and raised her to be a confident, free spirit. That’s inspirational. Megan shone as bright as the Windsor sunshine with her rock right by her side. It was a beautiful sight to behold.


Cucumber sandwiches (with the crusts) with scones and a cuppa!

What struck me today was the sense of unity. Of course the bond between Harry and Megan but not just that. It also made me reflect on the bond I have with my mum and my kids, the bond between Megan and her mum and the legacy which has been left as a result of the close bond between Harry and his mum. Today everyone appeared to get along, embrace differences and just be happy. In this day and age that’s surely worth celebrating. 

I’m slightly more cynical about happy ever afters these days but if today’s fairytale didn’t give you a warm fuzzy feeling then you need to move to Arendelle!

There may have been a few funny looks between the congregation whilst Rev. Curry delivered his lively sermon but personally I think he hit the nail on the head. “There is power in love. Don’t underestimate it.” I never have and I never will and that’s what gives me hope for the future. Will today have changed the world forever? Sadly probably not, but it has given millions of people across the world a lot of hope and happiness and I will gladly raise a glass to that. Cheers!

3 thoughts on “This little light of mine…I’m gonna let it shine!

  1. Joanne Black says:

    Love your summing up of the Royal wedding which concentrates on the message of love and caring and support and completely overshadows all the negative comments I have seen today ” waste of taxpayers money ” etc etc xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Team HALO says:

      Thanks…that’s what I love about blogging! I have a little place in the virtual world where I can voice my opinions. I loved today! Sad he is off the market but still 😂 xx


  2. Nadia says:

    What a beautiful piece. I was also struck by Doria’s grace and composure.The pride for her daughter was just beaming out of her. I don’t watch royal weddings, but I did watch Harry’s and Megan’s and I thought it was beautiful. The love the newlyweds have for each other is so obvious to see. And I envy you your loving relationship with your mother.Take care.


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