Life with Harry, Lola and me

I love the school holidays! I know I’m probably in the minority by saying that, but I just love making the most of my time with the kids. Since their Daddy and I separated, we have to make the most of the time we have together so yesterday was jam packed to the extreme!

First thing yesterday morning we headed to the BBC Studios in Newcastle for one of their interactive tours. It was absolutely fantastic. It was a children’s tour but I was as engaged as any of the kids. Tony, our tour guide, was hilarious and informative….I’d highly recommend it. We had tour of the TV and Radio studios as well as learning a few behind the scenes secrets! I may have had to have been pulled away from the news desk (my dream job) but security didn’t need to be called and I’m sure I’ll be going back again soon. I loved it!


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In the afternoon we were headed to a 4th birthday party but I’d promised the kids a trip to the new ice cream place on Chillingham Road, Cream Curls. They do this crazy, laborious ice cream making in front of you and you choose which bars of chocolate you want to mix it up with. Imagine an ice cream crepe…it’s hard to explain! Lola went for a Cadbury’s Creme Egg and Harry opted for cookies….until he saw Lola’s creme egg being chopped up on a skillet in front of him…then we had to change the order so they both had the same. Fascinating to watch, delicious ice cream and friendly staff. It wasn’t cheap but it was a nice treat for them and despite me thinking they could have easily shared one as they were big portions, I ended up with 2 empty tubs in the back of my car! Quite disappointing really as I was hoping to enjoy the leftovers! 


All in all a fab day. Kids were asleep for 6.30pm after Lola actually asking to go to bed! Result! We read a story and next thing I remember was waking up next to them both an hour later…turns out I was as tired as the kids. It’s hard work having fun! 


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